// Offshore Human Capital Management

Finding the best consultants
to support great projects.

Recruitment and selection of personnel.

We focus on the recruitment, selection, management, development and evaluation of IT professionals.

Specialized Head-hunting services for your company.

Our consultants are qualified in the search of different IT profiles achieving customer's standards.

Outsourcing and assignment schemes.

We have different contracting schemes. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, that is why we count with offshore contracting.

Recruitment for IT / Leadership Profiles

We have extensive knowledge in the IT sector, which allows us to find highly trained professional leaders.

IT Specialized Employee Portfolio

We have a portfolio of qualified offshore employees in different IT areas.

HR Management and consultancy.

We design a Human Resources management plan according to the needs of our clients.

Fullfilled jobs
background checks
experienced recruiters
active clients
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Our Differentiators

Personalized Service for each job opening

Our team of experienced consultants will be helping you through all the recruitment process.

In compliance with current legislation

All of our consultants and our company is in fully compliance with the current federal legislation.

Great benefits for our employees and clients

Both the consultants and clients receive numerous work benefits and constant training.

Adequate prices for the services

We believe in fair pricing for our clients while also delivering great value and quality of work.

Carefully selection of the candidates

All of the candidates go through a set of evaluations and interviews to ensure the best option is found.

// How do we certify its the best candidate

Evaluations offered

We help businesses find the best candidate for the job through a different set of evaluations and competencies testing according to the requirements of the job.

We identify the intelligences in which best performance of the candidates.

You can determine the behavior that candidates will have when confronted with specific situations.

This evaluation shows that the candidate fits the personality profile required to perform the job.

Trust and ethics
This test correlates the candidate's honesty, values and professional ethics. This is how we ensure that we recruit the best candidates.
Job skills
We will know if the candidate possesses the specific skills to develop in the role.

Sales skills
We identify the skills of the candidate in sales area, in order to evaluate their potential.

Leadership skills
The evaluation allows us to determine the candidate's leadership type .

Psychometric tests
Set of evaluations with which you can measure the adaptability of a candidate to a job.

// Finding the best candidate

Our Process

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We Are Trusted By
Big Business Industries

Emilia Clarke
Movistar México
Network Coordinator
"Getecsa is a company always available to support with the required services, working together as a team and with the quality to be able to achieve our goals."
Emilia Clarke
Project Manager
"Getecsa is a reliable company which flexibility and capacity of adaptation to the needs of its client is the key."