Implementation of GLPI tool with Movistar

Teléfonica is a telecommunications company, unifies all its operations under the brand Movistar and Vivo with presence in 14 countries worldwide, came to Mexico in 2001 and currently has national coverage, with more than 93 thousand locations, 90 thousand kilometers of roads.



To avoid the high costs of licensing and support for Remedy IT Service Management.



Telefónica Movistar Mexico was looking to reduce its CAPEX in the IT area by replacing the use of Remedy tool with another less expensive one that would cover the same operational needs.



Getecsa implemented the GLPI tool, which is a self-managed OpenSource, and has no cost for licensing only implementation.
All operational flows that were in Remedy were migrated and some were implemented in GLPI natively and some others with developments/modifications to existing modules.
Also a mobile version was made for the final users and with it they could make the requirements survey in a more agile way.



It was achieved the reduction of more than 3.5 million pesos annually and they were algo able to implement and have a very versatile tool to add new features.



Projects 2017-2018
Software Engineering
Telefónica Movistar